submersible pumps

SU Submersible pumps are offered in 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” basic pump diameters to provide the wide range of performance necessary for agricultural, commercial, municipal and industrial applications. Advanced, low- maintenance design of all SU pump assures around – the – clock protection for the most demanding water supply requirements. SU Submersible Pumps have established themselves as the simplest and most efficient way of pumping water from borewells, open wells, reservoirs etc. The pump set comprises of a single stage or multi stage centrifugal pump close coupled to a submersible motor by a muff coupling.


Flows Max 1100 M3/HR
Head Max 220 M3/HR
Power Max 150/112 H.P./kW.
Speed Max 2900 RPM

fluids handled

Fresh Water
Sea water, etc

features & design options

Motors can be offered to operate at 380 / 415 volts + 10 % - 15 % - 50 HZ
Optionally available in 1750 RPM (60HZ)
Motors are water filled and water lubricated
Impellers dynamically balanced
The impellers are radial as well as mixed flow type
Impellers can be offered in CF8M / CA15 / AB-2C with lost method casting in Certain models
Motor has an extra overload inbuilt capacity
Design provision of incline installation in place of vertical is possible
Low energy cost through high energy performance
Noiseless, Flood – Proof, Vandal – Proof operation
Water (or pumped product) lubricated pump for longer life and increased reliability with out lubrication maintenance
Easier more economical installation


Urban and rural water supply schemes
Off shore pumping
Industrial Liquid transfer
Inline booster applications, etc


Cast Iron
BS 1400 PB-2C
SS – 316. etc