Marine Pumps

SU have developed a wide range of pumps suitable for Marine Applications which can be installed in ships, Aircraft Carriers and Naval Vessels. These pumps are constructed in special metallurgy and fulfill the shock grade conditions on board ships for sea water application. The pumps have been developed for 380 / 440 volts, 50 to 60 HZ operating in 50°C to 60°C engine room in humid conditions.


Flows Max 600 M3/HR
Head Max 40 mtr
Power Max 60/45 H.P./kW.
Speed Max 2850 RPM
Fluid Temp Max +60 °C

fluids handled

Clear Fresh Water
Sea water
Oil, etc

features & design options

Available in 1450, 1750 & 2850 RPM
Motors can be offered to operate at 380 / 415 volts + 15 % with class “F” insulation and built in thermister, space heater and moisture sensor provision if required
Robust construction
Impellers dynamically balanced
The impellers are redial as well as mixed flow type
Closed Impellers
Impellers are in BS 1400 AB2 - C
Motor has an extra overload inbuilt capacity
Shaft sealing with gland packing or single or double mechanical seal
Pumps offered in both monobloc and coupled design
Suitable for both portable and fixed installations onboard
Pumps are both submersible and non - submersible
Provision to supply of engine pumps as well


Waste water disposal
AC plants
Damage control on board ships
General service
Sanitary systems
Dewatering of compartments for bilge duty and sea water applications
Sea water circulation for engine cooling
Fresh water circulation etc


Phosphorus Bronze
Gun Metal to BS 1400 lg 4c, etc