Leight Weight Dewatering Pumps

SU light weight Dewatering Pumps are ideal for light duty applications requiring good Portability whether it be for residential use or even more demanding applications like dewatering of Pits, Sumps, Rain Water, Construction Sites, Wells etc. These light weight Pumps also have ideal applications on Ships and other Marine Vessels.


Flows Max 144 M3/HR
Head Max 24 Mtr
Power Max 10/7.5 HP/KW
Speed Max 2900 RPM

fluids handled

Clear Water
Muddy Water
River Water

features & design options

Compact and light weight Design
Easy portability around working Sites
New age Design
Completely sealed water light Design
Double Mechanical Seal having combination of TC/TC
Extensive use of Fabricated SS parts
Corrosion resistant
Quicker rate of heat Dissipation
Float Switch/Liquid Level Controllers (Option)
Only SKF Bearings used
M-47 Grade Laminations used for Rotor & Stator
Thermistor provision
Can work under flooded or partially submerged conditions
Motor is cooled by pumped liquid
Low voltage operation (Option)
Dry running protection (Option)


Domestic use
Dewatering of Sumps in underground parkings
Construction Sites
Flood water Control
Dewatering of Sumps and Pits
Water Supply
River water


Fabricated SS304
Aluminium Alloy