dewatering pumps

SU Dewatering Pumps are self priming, single stage, Centrifugal Pumps driven by A.C. squirrel cage induction motors in a fully submersible construction. They are easily transportable and have a wide variety of applications. These are powerful submersible contractor pumps designed for draining abrasive water from construction sites, mines, docks, flooded areas, etc. These easy-to-install pumps are often used in tunneling and mining where the reliability of the equipment is a crucial parameter. The pumps have an excellent performance capacity with high motor power combined with compact light weight design.


Flows Max 1400 M3/HR
Head Max 100 mtr
Power Max 175/130 H.P./kW.
Speed Max 2900 RPM

fluids handled

Muddy Water
Mine Water
Ore Water
Slurries, etc

features & design options

Available in both 1450 and 2900 RPM
Robust construction
Can work under flooded or partially submerged conditions
Motors are oil filled and oil lubricated
Compact and light weight
Impellers dynamically balanced
Impellers are in open / semi open / nonclog design
Impellers provided with a wear plate to handle water
Impellers provided with a wear plate to handle water with high content of mud, sand or slurry
Motor is cooled by pumped liquid
Impellers in hardened steel or CF8M

Civil engineering costs involved in the case of VT
Provision of double mechanical seal
Motor has an extra overload inbuilt capacity
Close coupled design
Shaft support on two ball bearings
Can handle solids upto 40mm


Water Supply Schemes
Construction Sites
Effluent Treatment
Water Treatment
Dewatering of mines and pits
River water
Chemical Industry
Steel Industry
Desilting Operations
Building dams, harbours and tunnels
Irrigation etc.
Flood water control


Cast Iron
Cast Steel
Aluminum Alloy
M.S. Fabricated
SS - 316 (Fabricated)
SS - 316 L (Fabricated), etc